Adult Baby Nursery, Bangkok, Thailand


Nanny will dress you in baby wear, play wear, party or sissy wear.

Nanny will push you in the stroller to the nicest places, parks and playgrounds in town.

She will change wet nappies

Nanny will bath you and appropiately pamper you afterwards.

She will arrange your hair and make you up if required.

She will spoon and bottle feed you.

She loves to read to you, sing with you and enter fully into play and craft sessions.

Nanny can take you on outings.

She will take photos and videos of you if you wish.

Nanny stands no nonsense and will discipline you in any way she feels is appropriate.

Public Humiliation is also possible

Baby can have his nice birthday party.

Also available is a female Teacher and a Babysitter

Remember, Nanny Rose is a genuine Adult Baby Nursery where you will be treated in the way appropriate to your child age and, therefore, involves no sexual activities whatsoever,that kind of adult behaviour will be deemed inappropriate.