Adult Baby Nursery, Bangkok, Thailand




Any time period from 1 day up to including 3 weeks in duration is available. Please note that a minimum visit duration of 1 day and a minimum charge of THB 8000 is applicable, irrespective of the length of visit. There is no limit to the amount of bottle feeds or baby food during your stay. Included also is the amount an diapers my Baby will need, no matter if cloth or disposables. Nanny does also change messy diapers but she does charge Thb 500 per stay. Of course also pick up and bringing to the airport is included in the price.

Nanny will only require an additional cost for visiting special amusement parks like DREAM WORLD or SIAM PARK. Payment will have to be completed in full before the visit takes place.


Clients must confirm via email and have to fill in the questionnaire what their wishes are, so that Nanny knows, how to fulfill their special needs.