Adult Baby Nursery, Bangkok, Thailand


My Name is Nanny Rose and I am a graduate Nanny and Midwife. I started to join the AB Lifestyle a couple of years ago,in Bangkok as I received no normal job offers. There was a man who was looking for a Nanny, but not for a Baby, he need a Nanny for himself.

I was very surprised, but also curious, because I supervised children as a nanny and never adults. My "Boss" lived with his "mommy" and my job was to supervised him. So I started to read many stories about this theme and also I had very nice babies; they taught me a lot and so I started to understand more about true infantilism. Every adult baby needs a special mom, who understands what a unique little one needs. Each adult baby needs customized pats, rules and structures. With me, you can receive a tailored education.

Therefore, I have now opened my own nursery in Bangkok, with everything in it, what every child's heart desires.

Bangkok is a really great city with many possibilities for babies Day trips, especially from the perspective of a stroller. Like DREAM WORLD, DUSIT ZOO, SAFARI WORLD, SIAM PARK and many other nice parks. My Babies like also to visit big department stores, while they sit secured in their stroller. Thailand is a nice country with lots of amazing districts, so I started, to find some properties, like in Jomtien, Koh Samui, Pattaya etc, where it is also possible, to play the game in private and secure places, because I like to provide my babies an unforgettable baby-holiday. My friends told me that is it hard in their countries to find a nursery that provides longer term services, baby-holidays and that is reasonably priced, so the fees are mostly too high for them. So Thailand can be a good alternative for people, they like to have a nice and also financeable holiday.

I'm here for you and listen to you. Listen to your hearts and give you that of which you dream.

Nanny Rose